Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bring Out the Child in You

After writing a post about home-caring I went ahead and cleaned my kitchen.  I scrubbed the counter tops, washed all the oven grills and the list goes on.  I went all mighty King Midas and everything I touched turned into...well, not exactly gold but, shiny as new.  I told myself repeatedly, "just do it and keep on going."

I digress.

This isn't another post about house cleaning. It's merely an observation that occurred to me while washing the kitchen floor.  I realized as I threw buckets of warm water on the floor that I was, to my surprise...playing.  There I was, frolicking around with bubbles, gliding and sliding, simply modeling a child.  I created my own amusement out of soap and water.  I never felt so energized and completely in the moment.  It was absolutely refreshing.

We live in a world where we laugh less, play less and wear uncomfortable clothes to disguise as a mature and grown person.  Dr. Suess once said, adults are obsolete children.  Sad, isn't it?

In the coming weeks, make time to bring out the child within you.  Don't let distractions get in the way of your imagination.  Let lose.  Let your hair down.  Heal the dis-eases of stress and depression with humor.  Laugh. Jump.  Skip.  Sing.  Our childhood maybe over but it doesn't mean playtime is.