Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Joys: Bangkok

I believe in the abundance of beautiful things that surround us.  We just need to tap into our inner child and allow ourselves to see meaning and humor in them.  After all, it is the little things that make life sweeter:  Walking the dog, taking long baths, holding hands with our loved one and conversations with our mom.  Ironically, these indulgence of such high value cost practically nothing.  As the song goes..."the best things in life are free."

Sure there are days when we ask ourselves, "What can I purchase today that will make me happy?" I certainly have those moments too.  But, it doesn't have to be like that all the time.  Not anymore.  When we take away the longing for material things, we learn to appreciate the happiness that comes in a form of a simple meal shared with a friend.  It is by being mindful and present in the moment that we truly get to savor life.

I thought I'd share with you these small, significant joys I experienced during my recent trip to Bangkok.

Lemongrass water
Sushi and rolls my bf and I shared for merienda.  (light meal)
We've been coming to this restaurant for years and have always ordered the same things.  This time we braved it out and tried something new.  To us, it was an exciting thing. 
Foot massage
Admiring the reflection of the chandelier through a glass table.
Ronald McDonald gestures:  Sawadika.  Funny, isn't it?
A cute little "tuk tuk" display.

"Don't hurry.  Dont worry.  And be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way." -Walter Hagen