Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

...or decorating on a budget would be more fitting for a title.

This year our Christmas will be celebrated in a slightly different fashion.  Unlike the quiet and intimate dinner we had to grace the occasion last year, I  am going to be in Manila to spend it with my family.  Needless to say, there will be an overload of food, friends and family gatherings and everything Christmas-y.

Back in Abu Dhabi, I was thinking, "why bother to put up a tree and decorate our home if I'm not going be around?"  I realized that I have more than a month to spend here and denying myself the joy of sitting next to a little tree wrapped up in a cozy blanket while drinking hot cocoa in a holiday cup is not an option so...bother I will!

Here's the thing:

a. the idea of buying knick knacks and tchotchkes made me sick in the stomach
b. spending a lot of money on decorations doesn't appeal to me either.

Thanks to proper storage, all the stuff that I bought last year still looked half decent.  Mind you, they were meant to be for temporary use and truth be told, I'm surprised that they're joining us again this year.  So, without further ado... Here's my little take on Christmas on a budget.

Instead of jamming my little tree with these balls and snow flakes, I thought I'd put them in these candle holders.  It serves as a center piece on the dining table.
Again, instead of hanging these on the tree, I decided to place them on a metal bowl.
A little touch of Christmas in our powder room.
I try to keep the house as minimal as possible but, in the spirit of Christmas, I inserted frosty twigs with cranberries on one of the vases.  Look! there's our little tree next to my favorite spot on the couch.
I made these bows myself to fill up the tree since the balls (as shown above) were used for a different purpose.  I spent a total of 10 dollars for this entire project.  Oh, how proud that makes me.
Stockings for me and my love.
This is totally irrelevant but it looked absolutely stunning out today.  Here's a little beach shot for you all.
I am feeling very festive and I may a few recipes to share next.  Spoiler chocolate and peanut butter!